My Review of Black Dating App “Soul Swipe”

“Soul Swipe” literally swipes my soul into a hellish cesspit of frustration, annoyance, and impatience.

Okay. So I first heard about “Soul Swipe” through one of my best friends. “You have to try it — it’s like Tinder, but for Black people!”

Say what?

Shoot. She ain’t gotta tell me twice. An app filled with chocolate-dipped, mocha, melanin-rich men? I downloaded Soul Swipe faster than you can say, “Yes gawd!”

Buuuuuuuuuuuut, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Here are my issues with Soul Swipe.


Soul Swipe is a new app, but goddamnit it’s been “new” since April from what I’ve heard. It’s f***ing September and Soul Swipe is still buggy as sh**.


Screenshot of “Soul Swipe”

You have to wait way too damn long for a man’s profile photo to load in order to make the decision on whether you want to swipe left or right. And sometimes, I swipe right — even before the picture loads — in risky impatience. When I finally see the profile photo, I automatically regret my hastiness. *Shudder*

The rapid-fire Tinder-esque quickness of swiping left and right is lost on Soul Swipe.

Soul Swipe Forces You to Connect  Through Facebook

I don’t know about you, but for me, Facebook is sort of personal to me. What I choose to share on Facebook is certainly not the same info I’d like to share on a dating app and vise versa.

That being said,  when I signed up for Soul Swipe, I was totally annoyed about the fact that I needed to sign up through Facebook.  And I almost didn’t even go through with it. Why? Because…

I’m  SO not OK with Soul Swipe having access to my Facebook and telling all my friends, family and everyone else, that I’m scoping out the dating pool on an app! Shouldn’t I be allowed to be discreet?!

Thankfully, Soul Swipe does allow you to be surreptitious. Thank God Almighty, the app didn’t post any incriminating evidence of my coy search for Godiva chocolate men on Soul Swipe. But still, most people would be a lot more confident about the dating app if Facebook was not involved. I may have went through with the sign-up, but I’m sure thousands of others ditched it because of this.

AND ANOTHER thing… Soul Swipe nabs your Facebook profile and posts it  as your Soul Swipe display picture. Nooooooooooo! Soul Swipe — what are you doing? Don’t do that! Luckily, there IS a way to change the photo and choose one you like. But the fact that Soul Swipe has the audacity to grab my Facebook photo without asking really turned me off.

The Odd Messaging System

So after swiping right — and once they swipe right for you, too — they are known as “matches” and are compiled in a long a** list  for your inconvenience.

It’s inconvenient because scrolling through that long a** list can get ridiculously confusing. This is because there is no clear notification logo for when someone sends you a  new message. There is a green dot that pops up, but this could either be an indication of a new match or a new message. You don’t know.

So what happens is you end up with people usually taking forever to respond because we have to scroll through a long a** list of matches, click on the one with the green dots, and determine whether it’s just a match or that person actually sent  a message.


A glimpse of my match list on Soul Swipe — and the dreaded green dots.

It gets worse. Sometimes, when someone sends you message, the green dot doesn’t appear at all. Lovely.

The Profile Space Sucks

I get it. Filling out dating profiles are annoying — it’s equivalent to an interviewer asking you to describe yourself (Oh no! What do I say?!) But a nicely filled-out profile gives users ammo to start an interesting conversation. “Oh she likes Latin dancing, huh?” *Hits her up* “I would love to be the other half of your tango…” Okay, that was cheesy, but trust me, it’s way better than the oh-so-popular, convo-killing “Hi” and the dreaded “What u doin?” The conversation just drags and goes nowhere.

So my problem with “Soul Swipe” is not providing a profile space that is sectioned off with different interests: music, film, hobbies, etc. Asking us to just “Say something about yourself” is a recipe for disaster because many people leave it blank because writing free-form “About Me’s” suck big, hairy, gigantic balls.



Uh okay. I got your name, age, and height…. Great. Now how do I start a stimulating conversation with that information?

Now the actual caliber of men on Soul Swipe is impressive. I mean, there is definitely a nice selection of fiiiiineee men. Like any other dating app, you’ll find your weirdos, but there are definitely some gems.

Personally, I will delete Soul Swipe, but if Soul Swipe can get its sh** together (i.e. the bugs, recreating the profile space), this dating app could be a winner. And I may even re-install. But for now, for the sake of my sanity, I will stay away. I give it a 2.8 out of 5.

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21 thoughts on “My Review of Black Dating App “Soul Swipe”

  1. Barbara says:

    Just got on soul swipe.. A bit confusing when you allow another person to have the opportunity to invite for some reason. There is a problem getting back to the main screen to swipe. Instead I’m forced to go back to the menu . inwhich you press home and there really isn’t anything there but your profile, that your not able to edit? So I’m left with just a photo and no way of editing the bio. Definitely need the bugs ironed out for this site to be productive, its just aartwr of time before I get bored and inpatient and have to move on…hope others have better luck.


    • Nina says:

      I can’t figure out if this site is real or what. I have gotten not one response in a month. Am I swiping real people?


  2. CJ says:

    I did not see my problem with the app written. I do not like the fact that it makes my profile pic the main picture. I have a family pic and don’t want my kids to be shown. I also don’t want to change my FB profile pic so I deleted my account .


    • kimgedeon says:

      Hey CJ! Thanks for the comment.

      I remember being annoyed at thinking that I had to use my Facebook profile picture for Soul Swipe, but you don’t need to. You can change it after you’re all set up!

      I might add that to this review because the connection to Facebook is a little too personal for my tastes — totally agree!


  3. Gianni C says:


    Sorry to see you had to deal with this issue. These bugs came about due to a massive spike in users in a 2 week span. We also have a new version coming out soon! Hopefully you’ll be able to give us another chance ❤

    – SoulSwipe Team


    • kimgedeon says:

      Hi there,

      I just downloaded the Soul Swipe app on Android from Google Play today. Now the question is – do I have the new version that you speak of? If not, when is this new version slated to be released?


  4. Melissa Clarke says:

    Soul Swype makes me feel like a mutant. Several days using the app, still no matches… What’s wrong with my face?? 😦 I know quite a few ladies who’ve had success with SS. But not this lady. I envy your match list. Mine is nil. I think I’m done with online dating/match-making. Fucks with my self esteem way too much.


    • Jess says:

      I haven’t gotten many matches either and I consider myself decent looking. All the girls on there must be like 10s or something lol. However, I have a lot of matches on Tinder so I am not sure what the deal is here. I also put less information about myself on Soul Swipe so maybe I was getting more hits because of other things besides just my looks.


  5. Rick says:

    These apps are severely frustrating useless (for me.. no matter how nicely politely etc etc c) females literally just don’t care or match or anything is ever good enough. They report you and photos. The app then bans you because of females being the complete bitchy jerks they all are towards me. Soul swipe tinder ALL OF THEM SUCK . :””( and Im so very all alone


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