“Come on Patti!” Why Ms. LaBelle Should Not Take Sole Credit for Sweet Potato Pie Success

Okay so, in case you missed it, Patti LaBelle reportedly sold a pie per second two weekends ago thanks to a hilarious review by a flamboyant YouTuber known as James Wright.

Without a doubt, Wright was the mastermind behind those sweet potato pies flying off Walmart shelves when, according to NPR, they were once a “hard sell.” I mean..duh, right?

But apparently Patti is trying to play us for a fool and is trying to convince us that only she, herself, is responsible for the success of those pies.

Bumping into TMZ, Ms. Labelle said:


NO, Patti. You did not do it yourself, girl.

It took a flamboyant, rotund Black man wearing a cool rhinestone fitted cap to literally turn into YOU, singin’ at the top of his lungs and all, while biting into one of your delicious pies before thousands of people finally flocked to Walmart to taste what all the hoopla is about.


The only reason TMZ  approached you — or why we’re even debating whether you should take sole credit for your success — is because James Wright put your sweet potato pies on the map.

Watching Wright sink his teeth into that decadent sweet potato pie literally made me want to hop my lazy a** out of bed and drive straight to Walmart to have a go at turning into a singin’ Patti LaBelle, too!

I, as a viewer, was so impressed with his review — I could literally smell the sweet potato pie emanating from his YouTube video.



So Patti is TOTALLY insulting our intelligence by claiming she was “selling out before the guy did the video.”

Come on Patti! Before Wright posted his video, your sweet potato pies were never selling for $100 on Craiglist… NOW they are.


Now here’s the No.1 reason why Ms. Patti LaBelle should give Wright some credit — not because Wright is entitled to a cut (technically, he’s not) or because it would be courteous, but because it would only bring more money into her pocket!

DUH. This is PR GOLD.

She can either cut him a small check or make him a brand ambassador of LaBelle’s food products — she has a sauce line, too. By now, Wright has attained a lot of subscribers and therefore a lot of visibility to sell her stuff.


It’s highly likely Wright will go on his YouTube channel and express gratitude to Patti for the extra pocket change, which would bring in more media spotlight for the sweet potato pies…and her other product lines.



As part of the agreement of receiving the check, Wright can do a review on one of Patti’s sauces. And, of course, if he carries over that same, honest, charisma into this sauce review, LaBelle could make a fortune.


So again, Patti LaBelle should somehow express gratitude for Wright’s review — whether that’s through a check or even a TV  commercial spot for her sweet potato pies. Not necessarily because he’s entitled to it, but because it would only benefit her business in the long-run! This will bring publicity for her seemingly “gratuitous” character (even if she’s stingy) and extend the media spotlight on her products.

In the words of Wright, “Come on, Patti!” Get your PR up!




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