My Totally Honest, Candid Review of NatureBox

So why did I decide to try out NatureBox?

Because I am growing sick and tired of the hot, steaming pieces of garbage that they call “snacks” at my grocery store.

Finding a snack that’s remotely healthy in my grocery store is just exhausting.

And being an avid listener of “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast (hosted by Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz) — which happens to be sponsored by NatureBox — I finally caved in and decided to try it out. Tasty, healthy snacks straight to my door? Hell yeah!

I ordered my NatureBox on Monday and I got it on Friday. Here’s what the package looks like:


My drawing of the package


My drawing of an opened NatureBox package

I chose 3 snacks for $4.99 (50% off promotional deal) AND an extra, surprise snack in resealable bags.

I’ll tell you how think each one tastes…


THIS is SO f****ing delicious. So quinoa is like the new trendy super food that no one can really quite pronounce. I’ve never tried it — until now. And lemme tell you, quinoa’s found a fan in me. I think the flavors here collide so well. You have the crispiness of the quinoa, which tastes a little bit like a rice krispy, you have the sweetness of the dried blueberry, the rich texture of the cashews and almonds and a barely-there taste of saltiness from the sprinkle of sea salt. I could eat ’em all day.


I’m on the fence about this one. There’s nothing spectacular about these wheat chocolate chip bites, except for the fact that they’re made of whole wheat. In a way, this particular snack is “mentally” satisfying — knowing that you’re not biting into a chock full of sugar and other monstrosities is a relief.  But as far as being palatable, meh, it’s alright.


PURE f***ing yum! Got my NatureBox yesterday, but this bag is already gone because not only is it delicious, but it’s fun to eat — the crunch, the ever-so-faint taste of sweetness, a barely-there touch of saltiness and the delicious, nutty texture of almonds, cashews and pistachios. I’d definitely re-order this one along with the quinoa bites.


I liked this one the least — this was the “surprise” or bonus snack I got with my order. They kind of taste like pretzel sticks and they’re too salty for a supposedly healthy snack. If you’re a salt-craver, you’d love this. If not, don’t bother purchasing this.

Pros of Getting NatureBox

1.Cost-efficient. Nature Box can be cost-efficient, depending how you use it. So basically, you pay $7 for 3 bags of snacks  or $10 for 5 bags of snacks (per week, biweekly or per month — your choice). Now let’s be honest, spending $10 per month for 5 bags probably will not replace your monthly expenditures on snacks because there’s a chance you’ll finish eating all these bags in like 3 days.HOWEVER, granola is a staple in my household. I eat it every morning and it costs me a whopping $6 per bag at my grocery store (New York prices…*sigh*). Now if I spend $10 a month on 5 bags of granola from NatureBox, I am winning!

2.Best for lazies. Obvious pro! You don’t have to move a muscle to get the snacks

3.The snacks taste pretty good. But this is highly subjective. What may taste delicious to me may taste like dog crap to you.

4.Plenty snacks to choose from. Decisions, decisions!

Cons of Getting NatureBox

1. Needs to optimize recipes for healthier eating. Sure some of its snacks are healthy, but it might need to rework some recipes. That “Toasted Sesame Stix” is a salt-fest of high-blood pressure in a bag. There should never be 450 mg of sodium in anything! And  it’s particularly disappointing to see in a NatureBox snack.

2. Serving Size is a Bit Small. I would suggest NatureBox to people who aren’t heavy snackers. BUT I’m not complaining because putting together healthy ingredients to sell is super expensive, so they’ve gotta break even and make a profit somehow, right? I’d rather take a smaller serving size and healthy ingredients over huge portions filled with high fructose corn syrup any day.

3. Uncertainty about trying new snacks. You might experience decision fatigue everytime you place an order on snacks because you want to make sure you get a bag of snacks that you actually like.

Ultimately, I totally recommend NatureBox. What do you think of NatureBox? Comment below 🙂

*This blog post is not sponsored in any way.


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