The Struggle of Being in Your Mid-20’s & Still Living With Your Parents

This was not how I imagined my life would be at 24.

By now, I thought I’d have my sh** together.

Y’know — I thought I’d have my own place in ridiculously tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn where I’d learn how to a maximize small space, and pretentiously say that my decor is “minimalist” when, in actuality, I’m just too broke to buy anything nice.


Or maybe escape NYC’s sky high prices and move into a low-cost-of-living town and buy a quaint fixer-upper…


I’d have some hunk of junk to go from A to B.


And, most importantly, I thought I’d have the disposable income to travel and explore the world…


BUT… all my dreams have gone POOOF!


Let me start from the beginning. Right out of college, I was making a decent living as a business writer for a reasonably popular site. It wasn’t much, but I was on track to getting the f*** out of my parent’s house.

I was able to slash a $25,000 loan down to $11,000 and, with a plan to pay $1k a month towards my student loan, I just had one year — ONE STINKIN’ LITTLE YEAR — to finally be free of indebtedness.

But then… I began having a lot of issues with my job.

For one, they began not paying me on time. Sometimes I’d wait a whole whopping month AFTER payday before I got paid.


I was SO fed-up, I contacted a lawyer to see if I could take some action against them, but he was like…


On top of that, I wasn’t getting along with my editor (who later got fired) AND — to put the cherry on top of the g*dd*mn cake — there were rumors that my section (business) may get shut down in the future…

My reaction?


It sounded like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect, that was such a dumb move. Common sense would tell anyone DON’T leave a job before finding a new one! But no, oh no — I was confident, too confident, that I’d be able to find a new one quickly. After all, I’ve got adequate experience and worked for well-known site…right?

NO!! Wrong! SO, SO wrong!

With each passing month of unemployment, my money started to get a little funny and I was getting super depressed. 


My savings was depleting and I was started to lose grip over my student loan payments — and now I feel as if this indebtedness is swallowing me whole!


I did end up finding a job. I now write descriptions for a ubiquitous search engine (rhymes with Boogle). BUT those 4 months were a major setback for me financially and I’ve got to rework a plan to get rid of these student loans. For now, I’ve plummeted down to $100 monthly  payment plan. I’ll schedule a payment every month so I can forget about it and not shrivel up into a ball of tears every time I have to give up my hard-earned cash from my embarrassingly low balance. If I keep up this plan, it will take me almost 10 years to get rid of it!

Hopefully my funds will replenish fast enough so that I can jump on back on my $1k a month plan, KICK these student loans in the rear end and FINALLY move the HELL out of my damn parents house.

Truthfully, I feel lost. At 24, I’m not where I thought I’d be career-wise or finance-wise, but all the moping I’ve been doing does nothing. I think a lot of us refuse to make financial plans because — well — paying into something that won’t go away ’til the next decade feels futile. But you’re looking at it the wrong way. See it from this perspective: With every passing month, you’re one step closer to yanking those loans out of your hair.

I know you might be inclined to”wait” until your money is less funny, but you’re only setting yourself back. You think those loans as are pesky, now? HA! As interest accrues, those loans will balloon into one ridiculously annoying money-guzzling motherf****r.


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