You Won’t Develop True Self-Love ‘Til You Try These 4 Rituals

I know you guys are tired of hearing my voice! So here I have for you guest blogger Tieara Caron, the mastermind behind the Ambitious Girl World blog and contributor for EliteDaily and HerAgenda. Check out her sage advice on developing self love:

Self-love isn’t a destination; it is an on-going journey through self-awareness and self-acceptance. When we truly begin to accept ourselves for the way we are, as our present selves, that is when the journey through self-love begins. Self-Love rituals can be things we do that keep us grounded, help us practice personal wellness and exercise the love we have for our inner self. Although, we may have different personal reasons or priorities when it comes to self-love, here are a few easy self-love rituals to try:

  1. Journaling

Self-awareness and reflection is an effective way to release all of your emotions and assess your feelings. I started journaling in November 2016 to process my feelings.

I don’t journal everyday, but I try to journal at least once a week. Personally, a lot has happened in my life since November 2016. Some days I’m just too emotionally drained to put the pen to paper and that’s okay. Dealing with your feelings and allowing yourself to release your emotions can help you heal yourself instead of suppressing or internalizing.

I’ve found that getting all my feelings out and processing why I feel the way I does help me to let go and move on from those emotions. I have a bad habit of internalizing and keeping everything in until I explode, which aren’t the best ways to handle conflicts or internal struggles. It’s been refreshing to reevaluate myself by rereading my own handwriting or past journal entries to see the progress I’ve made or haven’t made, self-discovery is a journey.

Try writing down your highlight of your day and your low point of your day. You can do this daily, weekly or monthly. Pretty soon you’ll look back and notice things you’re grateful for and recognize your accomplishments, thus feeling good through self-improvements. Some of my favorite journals for personal and career can be found at

  1. Meditation

If you’re a worrywart or perpetual stressor, like myself, you know anxiety can practically kill you. In efforts to get a grip on life and get a handle of our emotions, sometimes all we have to do is simply sit still. Being still and quiet provides clarity.

I’ve also started meditating and there’s different ways to meditate, you can choose guided meditation, or you can pray, as prayer is considered a form of meditation. Sometimes even relaxing and sitting quietly or listening to music can be a form of meditation as well. You’d be surprised how better you feel once you take a second to breathe.

  1. Self-Care Acts

This can range from simply deep conditioning your hair or getting your nails done to buying yourself a frozen yogurt or a new outfit. Showing yourself love, and giving yourself gifts or loving on yourself by simply putting on lotion and staying hydrated can be considered as a self-care act in self-love. You are paying attention to your body’s needs and being mindful of what your body craves. You only know what you need and nobody else.

Please make sure you’re doing the best for yourself as much as you possibly can. Sometimes you don’t need to have fancy things or a ton of money in the bank, just do little things to take better care of yourself. Self-Care acts can range from pampering yourself or even reading a book.

As a self-help junkie, I’m always reading. Reading for inspiration, reading for knowledge, or reading to challenge my perspectives. Reading helps me to not only exercise my brain or become a better writer, it helps me get unstuck, and motivated for life.

4.Changing the Voice in Your Head

Haven’t you heard the saying, “You are what you think?” Well, it’s true. Words and thoughts hold a lot more power than you think. Boosting your self-esteem starts with the way you view and talk to yourself. I’m still learning how to change the voice in my head.

You know that voice we all have that whenever we mess up, fail or make a mistake we criticize ourselves, or think we’re stupid or dumb for messing up in the first place? That perpetual critic, the judge inside all of our heads keeps us living in fear or doubt. The voice in your head doesn’t always have to discredit or fight you.

Recognizing your own self-worth starts with how you view yourself. When you understand you deserve the best and give yourself the best, you will only expect the best from others. Practice daily affirmations, here are some of my favorites:


“Everything I need is within me”

“My current situation is not my final destination”

“I am successful in everything that I do.”

“I find a reason to hope in every situation.”


These affirmations can help change your way of thinking and serve as mini motivators to create the habit of more positive thinking patterns and treating yourself in a more gentle way. We have to start giving ourselves more credit. You can also write your affirmations in your journal too. Remember that self-love is a process and an endless journey, the better you feel about yourself and the more love you have, you’ll be in a better position to care about others as well.


Tieara is a contributing writer with articles published on Elite Daily and HerAgenda. To read more about her self-discovery journey and other helpful tips on career moves and dating advice, follow or slide into my DMs on twitter @teeairawr.


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