“Help! I’m Stuck in a Shirt!” 6 Reasons Fitting Rooms Suck


The fitting room is supposed to be your own little cubicle-sized fashion runway. Flip your hair to the side, put your hands on your hips – POW! – you’re an en vogue superstar ready to stop traffic with your new outfit.

Well … that’s the expectation at least.

But the truth is that dressing rooms, in reality, are shoebox hellholes where your insecurities balloon and your self-esteem plummets.

Check out six reasons why we all can’t stand trying on clothes in stores.

1. Idiots Who Walk In On You


Now anyone with any sort of cerebral activity knows not to randomly barge into fitting rooms because, hello, there are naked people in there who need their privacy!

But instead of using their BRAIN and checking to see if there are feet showing, there’s always that one moron who pokes their stupid little mindless heads all the way inside and then – “Oops! Naked person! Sorry! Oh my god! So sorry!”

Gah! You dummy!

2. Clothing Limitations in Fitting Rooms


5-ITEM CLOTHING LIMIT PER CUSTOMER” a bold sign says in the dressing room.

And there you are, holding a pair of the same jeans – but in different sizes – because you’re not sure whether the 12 or 14 will be the best fit. Then you’ve got four of the same style shirts – but in different colors – because you don’t know whether the gray, dark green, burgundy, or yellow would look better than you!

And that’s already SIX! With so many options and SO many uncertainties with the clothing we pick, how can you limit our clothes to just five?!

3. Clothes That Are Out to Kill You


Some clothes, I swear, have it out for us. “Where you goin’? You ain’t goin’ nowhere. Muhahaha! You’re stuck with me. FOR LIFE.”

But more realistically, we probably shouldn’t have squeezed ourselves into the ridiculously small dress were knew wouldn’t fit us the moment we picked it up. *Shrug*

4. Clothes That Make You Feel Like a Whale


No matter how much you try, that big ol’ booty is not. going. to. go. in.

5. When You Need a Different Size, But No One Can Help You!


So you mean I have to TAKE OFF the clothes I tried on, PUT MY CLOTHES BACK ON, CLEAR THE ROOM, TAKE MY STUFF, go all the way to the back corner of the store, find size I’m looking for, and WAIT ONLINE FOR THE DRESSING ROOM AGAIN, just to try on a different size of the same garment?

Somebody better come and switch these jeans for me!

… plz?

6. When You’re in Between Talkative Ass Friends in the Fitting Room


No lie, absolute true story, I’ve heard a girl yell, “YES HUNTY! I look like Kim Kardashian in this dress!” To which her friend, who was over at the next room next to me, replied, “GIRRRRRRRL YES! YOU WANT TO WALK INTO THAT SHIT WITH BITCHES HATIN’ ON YOU!!”

“YAAAAAAAAS!” they both screamed collectedly while clapping.

You can imagine the noise!

And I’m sitting there like “Damn can’t a girl try on clothes in a cold public fitting room in peace?”

What do you hate about trying on clothes in fitting rooms? Leave a comment down below!


One thought on ““Help! I’m Stuck in a Shirt!” 6 Reasons Fitting Rooms Suck

  1. mon1987 says:

    I totally know the struggle. I’m very semi self conscious about my body in a fitting room. Quite fast I’ve gained over 65 lbs and I’m not longer skinny. Being a bigger woman crushes my self esteem. I know, I know I should go to the gym but even that feels bad because I’m alone…. but I love trying on new clothes. Sometimes I feel super sexy and sometimes even thought my body is big. I say f*** and buy it anyways!!


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